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The global war against terror, news about the illegal invasion of Iraq, the corporate puppet presidents, the war criminal Tony Blair, September 11th 2001, the USS Liberty and New World Order crimes against humanity.

The War Without End - Crimes Against Humanity

How much do you know about what goes on in the world around you? Watch these videos and read these links, when you've finished you'll have reached the realisation the world is not as the mainstream media would make it seem.

You can make a difference by opening your mind to the War Without End that rages daily around you, hidden in plain sight, disguised by media manipulation of your language. You live in a place where peace means war, freedom means slavery, representation means tyranny. Every day political and corporate criminals commit horrendous crimes against humanity whilst the rest of us stand divided and look on, either powerless to act or content to allow the media to persuade us these crimes are not happening at all.

With time so short it's time to wake up now, it's time to open your mind. You are not required to believe because belief is an act of faith. Rather examine the evidence, set aside the excuses from the mainstream and be the judge of right and wrong for yourself. Then you'll know what to do...

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World at War  
UK and Europe
UK involvement in the war of terror plus other European related topics.
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The Americas
Topics relating to the USA, Canada and South America.
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September 11, 2001
Discussion related to the events on the day and subsequent, connected developments and investigation.
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USS Liberty
On June 8, 1967, the USS Liberty sustained air and sea attacks by the armed forces of the State of Israel. 40 years on, the surviving crew members are still calling for a proper investigation.
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Middle East and Asia
Topics related to Asia, including the Middle East.
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Africa and Australasia

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Neo-liberalism, big oil and other corporate crime.
643 3741
Press, media and mailing list articles.
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Wake Up America! Your Government is Hijacked by Zionism
Member: Alpha.
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Palestine is Still the Issue
Member: Dangerousdna.
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Wake up and smell the sharia
Member: Cowboy
702 1726
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Campaign for Liberty - Reclaim Your Liberty
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About WarWithoutEnd: This is an archive of a political forum that was active between May, 2002 and August, 2009. War Without End was a free to use, uncensored discussion group about the global war against terror, the illegal invasion of Iraq, the corporate puppet presidents, the war criminal Tony Blair, September 11th 2001, the USS Liberty and New World Order crimes against humanity.

The forum is now closed and has been archived here to preserve the large number of back links from other web sites and to record the views, beliefs, grievances and research of its membership. Inside you will find much frank discussion, a great deal of media reporting from the period and the unfiltered opinion of the membership in relation to the events that unfolded during this significant segment of history.

The views expressed herein are those of the individual members, some of those views are educational, some thought provoking, others downright offensive. If you are under the age of 18 or prefer not to be confronted with honest and sometimes blatantly forthright opinion from across the political spectrum then please close your browser or go elsewhere, this is not the place for you. However, if the thought of browsing through the collected contributions of varied commentators is appealing or if you are searching for an alternative reading of the drivel that falls on you daily from the mainstream media you are bound to find something of interest in these nearly 200,000 pages that were accumulated during the lifetime of the forum. It's your choice, a choice you can still make even as the one world government is slinking closer.

We may never agree on anything much at all, but we surely agree on our respective right to be heard.

Copyright Statement Issued Without Prejudice: WarWithoutEnd is a web site archive hosted in the United States of America. Some of the material on this web site was posted by individual members of the public in accordance with the "fair use" doctrine of copyright law for non-commercial news reporting, educational and discussion purposes. In cases where the full text of an article has been posted, WWE made it clear to posters in advance by way of prominent announcements and web site rules and guidelines that permission needed to be obtained from the copyright holder prior to posting. Due to the impossible burden of verifying each submission from every individual it is possible that some articles were posted without such prior permission and may not be in accordance with the "fair use" doctrine of copyright law. In such cases, if you are the copyright holder, please send an email to help@warwithoutend.co.uk with a subject of "Urgent Copyright Enquiry" and provide the full link to the article. WWE will make every effort to comply with the law in such cases and will act swiftly when necessary. Please DO NOT go straight to your lawyer, let's talk first and sort things out in an amicable manner.

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WWE does not condone or advocate violence, racism, religious intolerance or any other action that harms the rights or liberty of law abiding human beings. WWE does condone and advocate free speech and the right to life, liberty and freedom to operate in a lawful manner without unwarranted interference from government and its agents. Should any such agents have issue with any of the material appearing on this web site please send an email to help@warwithoutend.co.uk with a subject of "Urgent Official and Warranted Enquiry" and please state clearly and with as much information as possible the nature of your enquiry. WWE will always comply with the law where it is bound to do so.

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